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O’Hare airport to offer tiny sleeping rooms by the hour. For sleeping, not sex (so behave)

O’Hare airport to offer tiny sleeping rooms by the hour. For sleeping, not sex (so behave)

Anybody who’s travelled has gone through it: you’re plane hopping for days, and on the fourth leg of your journey you have 9 hours between landing and your next connection. It’s not enough time to rent a room, much less realistically leave the airport. By the time you get out, back through security and all the other loose ends you don’t get enough time to nap anywhere.  So, you just roll up your jacket and crash on a bench praying for some quiet.

O’Hare airport has now begun to sell minuscule rooms for rent to the tune of 30 bucks an hour.  At 62 square feet, that’s roughly the size of an apartment bathroom:

O’Hare International Airport will soon offer an alternative to the balled-up-jacket pillow and spine-bending slouch that are currently the industry standard in airport napping.

Beginning later this year, Minutes Suites will offer 29 rooms between Terminals 2 and 3 for $30 per hour or $120 per night. At 62 square feet they are tiny, but people have livedin less. Suites come with a daybed sofa, HDTV, and a workstation.

According to Minutes Suites’ website, the rooms have sound-masking systems, which should make them perfect for a cathartic scream session once you’ve received word of your third flight delay.

The Lilliputian-room chain also has suites at airports in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

And what of those patrons practicing for the Mile High Club? NBC Chicago winks and nudges:

“People come to us with that comment,” [said Philadelphia International Airport Supervisor Ronnie Gross], “but people don’t pay for that.” She also added, “When you have a five-hour lay-over between flights, the first thing you think about is sleep, getting some food or souvenirs and getting some work done.”

Chicago’s mayoral spokesman, Tom Alexander, sent an email to the Sun-Times stating, “We have a large law enforcement presence at the airport, which helps us maintain a safe environment for all travelers. We will work diligently in preventing illegal behavior, as we do throughout the airport.”

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