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The victims of the hurricane who aren’t getting press

The victims of the hurricane who aren’t getting press

Without a doubt, the human tragedy of Hurricane Sandy is enormous all throughout the east coast but there are pets out there who’ve lost their homes and families too.

Animals have not been immune to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought upon the city this week. And of course, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong this week to cause a sudden surge in homeless animals: Animal Care & Control web servers have been down since the storm, local shelters have lost power, and there has been a lack of support from local chapters of National Animal Groups. So there are a lot of homeless kitties and lost doggies who desperately need you to adopt or foster them, or else they’ll start being killed next week.

You can see some of the adorable animals above. But there are plenty more (over 200!) that need saving quick: here are the “super urgent” dogs, who are either high risk, injured or have previously appeared on the “To Be Destroyed” list and survived. Here are the dogs in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Here are the dogs in Manhattan. And here are the super urgent kitties that need adopting; here are the kittens in Brooklyn and Staten Island; and here are the kitehs in Manhattan.

On the plus side, Adopt NY has been working tirelessly to get people to sign up, and expedite the process to get animals into people’s hands as soon as possible. If you’re interested in fostering an animal, fill out the foster application here. In the application, please specify what type of animal you’re prepared to foster (Dog/Puppy, Cat/Kitten or a full litter of bottle babies). They aren’t accepting applications from people outside a 25 mile radius of Manhattan—you must be prepared to get to the shelters to pick up the animal. If you’re not able to foster an animal, you can still contribute with a donation to ADOPT NY that will go directly to this mission.

In other equally tragic news, the Ali Forney drop in center for LGBT youth has been completely destroyed.

Hurricane Sandy is making life more difficult for those already struggling. A New York City drop-in center for homeless LGBT youth is trying to recover from water damage caused by the storm.

The Ali Forney Center, a nonprofit working with gay homeless teenagers, has a walk in center in the traditionally gay neighborhood of Chelsea (located in Manhattan). The building, a block away from the Hudson River, can no longer offer the help it has for the past seven years.

‘Our worst fears were realized; everything was destroyed and the space is uninhabitable,’ wrote Carl Siciliano, Ali Forney’s executive director, on the organization’s website. ‘The water level went four feet high, destroying our phones, computers, refrigerator, food and supplies.’

Presently Ali Forney is looking for a temporary address before a permanent move to a larger facility. New York City’s LGBT Community Center is helping out with an offer of space; however, right now Ali Forney will need as much cash as possible to offer help to a vulnerable population.

‘The best way people can reach out to help in this very challenging time is by making monetary donations,’  Siciliano wrote.

For more information, please go to Ali Forney’s Twitter feedFacebook page or its site.

(thumb via the Gothamist article)

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