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Pres. Obama and that LGBT anti-discrimination order? No. (Any guesses as to why…?)

Pres. Obama and that LGBT anti-discrimination order?  No.  (Any guesses as to why…?)

I’ll file my response to this article under “the only one who’s not surprised”.  Though I fully expect the uberbloggers to start having their fits in 3…..2…..1

After months of dodging questions about the progress of an executive order prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in federal contracting, the White House won’t issue the directive, but will instead study whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees require employment protections, ThinkProgress has learned. The news comes after White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett held a meeting with LGBT advocates to discuss the matter.

OK, class.  Now who can tell me why the president didn’t just roll over and deliver on the anti-discrimination order that was essentially demanded of him?  Anyone?  Here’s a few clues:

1.  The White House Easter Egg Roll?  Really?  That’s the time and place we choose to try and advance LGBT rights?  Bad call, and I don’t care what you say: there’s a time and a place to talk politics and gay rights and that’s not it.  Worse was the gay press cavalcade that led up to the “we’re going to use the egg roll as our soapbox”.  That turned out to be nothing more than a we’re-going-to-call-the-president-out on his LGBT rights stance and you know what?  He won.  You don’t ever try to one up the most powerful man in the world.

2.  It’s political.  Signing off on this before election day?  Not going to happen, and “we’re going to study this” is nothing more than a 7 month delay tactic.  IF he did sign off on this now, there’s:

a.  far too many people who would misinterpret it, not understand it, and not even try – therefore scuttling Obama’s chance at round two in the White House.

b. far too few gays in positions of power that are behind the president based on what he can do with four more years.  Instead their shooting spitballs at him because he’s “not done enough”.

I’m here to tell you:  there comes a point where you’d better put a little faith in giving Obama four more years instead of judging what he’s done for us in the last 3.5.  In a second term he can essentially do whatever the hell he wants for gays without political fallout.  There’s no downside.  Now?  The House is gone and the Senate has nine toes over the edge of a cliff.  At this stage in the game, Romney is not only the republican challenger, I’ll even go so far as to say that he’s gonna win.  Big.  And then you know what will happen?

No gay marriage.

No anti-discrimination.

No nothing.

And following the advice of the whiny, bitchy bloggers (oops, I mean) savvy LGBT political bloggers will lead us down a four year path of going back to the Bush years.  Guaranteed.  But that won’t stop the ensuing articles I’m sure that are being furiously typed out even as I slam this one together.

We need to take a few months out of the year and stop making it all about us, regardless of the level of righteous indignation.  Obama needs a win, and he’s oh-so-quietly telling us that he’s expecting an assist from us.

We’ll see who gets the message.



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