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Obama presents his LGBT resume. The activist crowd responds with, “yeah, but….”

Obama presents his LGBT resume.  The activist crowd responds with, “yeah, but….”

Late last week, President Obama presented his list of LGBT accomplishments via Twitter.  Not coincidentally, at least to me, his timing fell right into place with the Student Non-Discrimination Act, The Day of Silence, and his screening of “Bully”.

It’s a substantial list, FAR longer than any other president that’s held office.  Period.  And how was it received by the we’ll-die-if-we-don’t-get-marriage crowd?  That it’s simply not enough without an ENDA executive order (which he’s said he’s not doing), or his universal, unwavering support for gay marriage (which he’s essentially said he’s not doing until after the elections.

Get Equal, the group of confrontational activists who’s never heard a “We’re here, we’re queer” chant that didn’t give them goosebumps is getting ready to stage their protests at Obama reelection headquarters.  Viktor Kerney wrote a piece at Bilerico questioning this bit of logic and the people commenting have essentially tried to turn him into their cyber-pinata.  Kerney’s stance?  Stop wasting time going after Obama and focus on those that actually DO attempt to derail LGBT rights in this country.

Those from Get Equal responded with the usual rhetoric of “You don’t appreciate our sacrifice”, “there’s only one person at GetEqual who’s paid, we all do this for free” (despite a very detailed post also on Bilerico detailing the salaries of everyone there and a document on their own website with the salaries of those on staff. )  To be fair though, this document is from 2011, and the popular rumour is that the money mill at GetEqual is drying up so perhaps things have changed a bit.

Surprisingly, Americablog saw this list and didn’t have much to say on the subject other than to poach content from elsewhere.

Kerney’s piece, while it wasn’t my cup of tea had a point that I wouldn’t have been nearly as diplomatic on as he was.  I’m just not concerned with whose feelings I hurt telling it like it is.  LGBT activism hasn’t changed one iota in thirty years:

1.  If you’re not for us, then you’re against us.

2.  Those that present ideas that are not 100% on board with the majority are shouted down and thrown under the bus.  There is no room for dissention.

3.  It’s all about us, us, us.  Well, except for those pesky bisexuals and transgender folks.  We’re saddled with them so we let them tag along.

And, that is why we will fail.  Again.  Those at the microphones have learned nothing from history, and are far more concerned with maintaining their own relevancy than accomplishing obtainable goals.  Groups like GetEqual can liken their actions to those of ACTUP in the 90’s, but you know what?  They aren’t ACTUP, and they have no ability to become them.  ACTUP has one message, one mission and moved in one direction.  They got the job done.  We’re so busy stomping our feet because the president didn’t give us what we wanted, when we wanted it, and on OUR timetable, that we’re missing the real message of his tweeting out his LGBT resume.

It’s not about “I won’t do an executive order, but I DID do this…”.  It’s about “here’s what I’ve done so far and my time at bat is running down.  Are you going to put me back in the game or not?”

Let’s see if anyone picks up on that.  My guess is that we’d better start learning how to say “President Romney” without choking.


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Obama presents his LGBT resume. The activist crowd responds with, "yeah, but....", 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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