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Not one to miss their cue, the outrage begins at Pres. Obama

Not one to miss their cue, the outrage begins at Pres. Obama

Can’t say I missed the call on this one.  Here’s a few of my favourite snips, with my .02 cents on some of the cluelessness.

Dr. Jillian Weiss:

I support the President. I passionately want him re-elected, and I have given personally of my money and time in the past few months to help his re-election. President Mitt Romney would be catastrophic for the LGBT community. But I as passionately believe that we must continue to take action as a nation to stop discrimination against the LGBT community. But the White House sat by and did nothing in 2010 when ENDA could have passed, and now that the window has passed because of the expected re-ordering of Congress in 2010, leaving the Democrats with not enough votes to pass ENDA — now the White House wants to get behind ENDA? That horse has left the barn.

So then what is all this sudden rush by the White House to say that it’s totally behind the ENDA legislation? What exactly are they doing to “aggressively pursue” ENDA? In the absence of any indication that they are really doing something on ENDA — other than giving lip service — I’d have to say they’re playing a shell game. I’ll still support the President, aggressively, I might add, but don’t expect me to sit quietly when my intelligence is so badly insulted

Also in the same piece she credits the repeal of DADT on GetEqual activists chaining themselves to the White House fence as the impetus to get the White House moving.  Odd, I seem to remember the President mentioning it in his State of the Union long before that temper tantrum of GetEqual’s.  She also neglects to mention the hard work that SLDN put in on DADT’s repeal.

Freedom To Work President Tico Almeida

“This is a political calculation that cannot stand. White House staffers and lawyers have let politics stand in the way of a basic American value – that a solid day’s work deserves a solid day’s pay, regardless of the color of your skin, your place of worship, your gender, or who you love. We can’t wait for the White House to catch up with this basic democratic value, we can’t wait for them to catch up with the prevailing views of the American public, we can’t wait for them to do what is right for the American taxpayers who should not have to subsidize discrimination.”

As predictable as the sun setting in the west, Americablog has written scores on the subject:


It didn’t have to be like this. The White House could have done the right thing and issued the LGBT non-discrimination executive order for federal contractors. But, somehow, the geniuses that run the place decided against it. Not sure why, but no doubt, it was another inane political calculation on their part.

And here:

Having said that, banning employment discrimination has always been popular, so it’s questionable how much trouble the President would get in by signing this executive order.  In fact, we saw with the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, that after putting up some resistance to the repeal, the Republicans basically folded.  Once we got enough votes to break their filibuster, GOP Senator John McCain, who was leading the attack against repeal in the Senate, didn’t even bother using the remainder of his floor time – and he had hours and hours left – to try to embarrass the President on the issue.  Just as surprising, two additional, and unexpected, GOP Senators voted for the repeal on final passage.

Why?  Because gay and trans civil rights just aren’t that embarrassing any more.  At least they shouldn’t be.  And aren’t… outside of Washington.  In an era in which Republicans are increasingly afraid of saying anything anti-gay, lest they incur the wrath of moderate swing voters, Democrats remain queasy on the issue, and it isn’t entirely clear why.

Among others.  You can also step up to the all-you-can-eat-outrage buffet here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Not one of the far-too-many articles I’ve read on this subject has even tried to broach the subject with an, “OK, Obama’s really good with LGBT rights.  What’s the REAL reason behind this move?”

Not one.

So our answer is to try and force him to sign the executive order?  Really?  To Viktor’s point in his piece:

1.  Nobody’s getting past the front gate

2.  Whether or not anyone’s going to pay attention is seriously suspect.

3.  We’re not in a position, imagined or otherwise to force Pres. Obama to do anything.

Normally I stay the hell out of politics on my site, but this one is just too stupid to resist.  I’ll be curious to see if anyone at all is able to read the handwriting on the wall.  Despite the White House’s assurances that this decision wasn’t a political game-playing move, it absolutely is.  And to me, it’s a necessary one.



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