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Utah man will let you hunt him for $10,000. Kick in $2,000 more and he’ll do it naked

Utah man will let you hunt him for $10,000.  Kick in $2,000 more and he’ll do it naked

Well, at least it’s a living, right?

It’s tough finding even an odd job these days.

You’ll have to be a good shot to bag this wily woodsman.

That’s why Utah-area resident Mork Encino, who swears this is his real name, created the oddest job for himself.

Encino, 28, on his website, advertises he’ll be human prey for marksmen with $10,000 to spare.

It’ll cost you an extra $2k to hunt him in the nude.

He’s not worried about the steep price driving off customers.

“I’m looking for a true god[bleep] Money Bags, okay? 10K is nothing to these boys. They leave tips on restaurant checks like that. They drop that type of scratch just because. They’ll pay that money just to rub it in my FACE and show me how meaningless it truly is to the likes of them,” he writes on huntme4sport.com.

On Twitter, Encino says he’s “pro prey looking for a change,” but admits he’s not willing to die for the cash. Instead, he wants the website, which he calls “a product of my desperation,” to land him a normal job.

“I’m hoping someone will offer me a better opportunity than being shot in the face,” said Encino.

He does his best to look and sound like a country bumpkin, but the clothes look a little too new.

He says he’s “generally unskilled” and hasn’t had a job in years. In the past, he’s worked in construction, landscaping and cleaned out storage sheds.

His greatest skill may be self-promotion: He’s appeared on radio programs and been written up by quite a few websites.

Since hunting people is highly illegal, valid hunting offers have been few and far between.

“I’ve had a variety of offers, none of which I’ve been comfortable accepting. As I’ve said, this is not my dream job. There’s obviously no longterm in it. This is just something I’ve resorted to in order to make others aware of my situation. It’s a job application, man. And a damn good one if I may say so,” Encino said via email.




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  1. and they say the #recession ended 2 years ago. #Utard will let you hunt him for $10,000 http://bit.ly/mRTfYM #ineedajob

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