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Party on, dudes! Rep. Barney Frank co-sponsors bill to legalize marijuana

Party on, dudes!  Rep. Barney Frank co-sponsors bill to legalize marijuana

See – I’m forever getting jipped.

Two weeks after I got sober, the state went from selling liquor only at their state run stores to letting grocery stores sell it.  Bottles of Stoli as far as the eye could see and now that I didn’t need it, it was everywhere.

Now, this:

Are Republicans serious when they say that the federal government should cede power to the states? Where do liberal Democrats really stand on drug prohibition? Congress must now confront those questions, thanks to Reps. Ron Paul and Barney Frank. They’re cosponsoring legislation “to limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement.” States would be free to keep the drug illegal, or to allow its use per the judgment of legislators and their constituents.

Hailed as the first bill of its kind to be introduced in Congress – that’s expected to happen later today – its states’ rights approach is significant, and forces defenders of federal drug policy into their weakest position. It’s one thing to argue that marijuana should be illegal. It’s another thing to insist that the federal government enforce a nationwide ban even as duly elected state legislatures signal that the people disagree. That is the essence of the matter. Under this bill, marijuana would be legalized only in states where the people and their representatives desire it.

So, put away your bongs; it’s far from a done deal yet and it’s ONLY going to be good if it’s desired at the state level.  Simply put, if the state decides they want to legalize marijuana the federal government is going to give them a “sure; go for it” response.

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