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Ding, dong the witch is dead

Ding, dong the witch is dead

While the world breathes a collective sigh of relief that Osama bin Laden is now sleeping with the fishes, a growing number of folks are simultaneously launching their conspiracy theories and bemoaning the fact that when news of his death his the wire a huge portion of the population celebrated:

This is bin Laden’s lamentable victory: He has changed America’s psyche from one that saw violence as a regrettable-if-sometimes-necessary act into one that finds orgasmic euphoria in news of bloodshed. In other words, he’s helped drag us down into his sick nihilism by making us like too many other bellicose societies in history — the ones that aggressively cheer on killing, as long as it is the Bad Guy that is being killed. Again, this isn’t in any way to equate Americans who cheer on bin Laden’s death with, say, those who cheered after 9/11. Bin Laden was a mass murderer who had punishment coming to him, while the 9/11 victims were innocent civilians whose deaths are an unspeakable tragedy. Likewise, this isn’t to say that we should feel nothing at bin Laden’s neutralization, or that the announcement last night isn’t cause for any positive feeling at all — it most certainly is. But it is to say that our reaction to the news last night should be the kind often exhibited by victims’ families at a perpetrator’s lethal injection — a reaction typically marked by both muted relief but also by sadness over the fact that the perpetrators’ innocent victims are gone forever, the fact that the perpetrator’s death cannot change the past, and the fact that our world continues to produce such monstrous perpetrators in the first place.

And more: (using an incorrectly sourced quote)

I think it is! I know that it’s ‘great’ that Bin Laden is dead, but i can’t stand that people are celebrating the death of a human being. DON’T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY! Bin Laden is a awful person, but no living thing deserves to die! Death is not something to be celebrated no matter who’s death it is “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” Martin Luther King Jr .

One of my favourites:

Great. Excellent work by all those involved. Thank you for your efforts. I mean that sincerely. However, when I scroll through the photos posted on the New York Times, I’m horrified to see some of the images. Flags waving, young men shouting, fists in the air. A widow holding the picture of her dead loved one. The appropriate reaction from American Arabs.

The above author also sticks a few toes into the conspiracy theory and suggested the US should have followed the example set forth by a television show called “NCIS” and popped bin Laden’s dead body in an ice cream freezer instead of giving him a burial.  You know, so there’s proof he actually bought the farm.

There are plenty more articles.  See for yourself.

Are you people kidding me?  Seriously? It’s amazing to me how many people are going to stand behind the shield of their supposedly evolved sensibilities, and then saying behind a hand to cover their mouth “but I AM glad he’s dead.”  It’s either/or.  You can’t say we should show respect for human life and then wonder why he wasn’t popped in the fridge to preserve the evidence.

Osama bin Laden had NO respect for human life, and took his perversion of a truly benign faith to use as a cover for all of his atrocities.  He’s doing it in the name of religion, and he said it with a straight face and called himself mujahideen.  He was not a holy man; he was a zealot and a mass murderer.  No different than Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler or Mussolini.  He earned a bullet in the head, long before he put 20 guys into flight training.  And please, don’t parse words with me either saying that all the men I cite were dictators.  They were mass murderers in positions of power.  Just like bin Laden.

For the record, I am a 100% liberal.  Or democrat, or whatever the hell you want to class me under.  It’s only safe to say that I’m not republican, nor am I a member of the Tea Party.  And that said, I still firmly believe that there are instances in this life where people – like bin Laden – should be put to death.  It’s not about hog-tieing him and carting him off to The Hague; it’s about ending his reign of terror, period.

I was not one of the revelers whose photos made it into the papers Sunday night, but I did quietly celebrate the fact that bin Laden is dead.  History will have to decide if those who adorned themselves in flags, brandished signs or climbed phone poles were celebrating the fact that bin Laden was dead, or that they were celebrating the United States enacting a measure of retribution for the thousands of lives lost on 9/11.

I lived through that day by the skin of my teeth, and I watched the aftermath play out for the last ten years.  The countless acts of hatred perpetrated on Muslim Americans who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, and merely want to live in this country and practice their faith in peace.  I had to teach my son about an emergency location for us to meet in the event of a bombing in Chicago (of all places) and where we could rejoin each other if we were separated.  None of these things happened prior to 9/11, and we have bin Laden’s campaign of hatred to thank for that.

While dancing in the streets might easily be viewed as antagonistic and fuel on the fire that burns against America, I’m going to tell you a little secret, ok?  We stand a really good chance of retaliatory acts against us every single day of the week, even before bin Laden hit the ground.  Those that took to the streets will have to answer to themselves on whether or not they can look back fondly on painting their face with red, white and blue.  It’s not up to anyone to pass judgement on the countless thousands or what their motives were.


Rant over.







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