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Breaking: ADAP survives budget cuts – gets $48 million more #HIV #AIDS

Breaking: ADAP survives budget cuts – gets $48 million more #HIV #AIDS

This just landed in my Inbox – still researching it:

From the AIDS Institute:

Washington, DC – “We congratulate the Congress and the Obama Administration for rejecting many of the massive cuts to domestic and global HIV/AIDS programs that were initially proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives. While most of these programs will experience some reductions, they will be spared from the reckless cuts which would have had serious long term impacts on the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV/AIDS and on efforts to prevent HIV infections in the future,” commented Carl Schmid, Deputy Executive Director of The AIDS Institute.

The final federal spending bill for Fiscal Year 2011 proposes to increase funding to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) by $48 million. “We are very appreciative of this increase, which demonstrates a real bipartisan commitment to the program. But, with 8,000 people in eleven states on waiting lists and thousands more already removed from the program, this is far from what is currently required and meet the growing number of new people needing ADAP medications in the coming year,” added Schmid.

ADAPs provide medications to about one in four HIV positive people in care in the U.S. and the demand for the program has skyrocketed due, in part, to people losing their health insurance. Over the course of one year, the federal government documented an increase of over 30,000 new people to the program. “The ADAP crisis is far from over and will only be exacerbated with federal and state cuts to Medicaid as ADAP and the rest of the Ryan White Program will have to pick up those costs,” said Schmid.  The other parts of the Ryan White Program, which provide the necessary health care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS, would see no increases in FY11, and instead be cut .2% at a time when patient loads are growing.

While good news, this is FAR from what’s needed.  At least it’s not a step backwards.  More info when I can find it.



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