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SF to advertise female condom to gay men #HIV #AIDS

SF to advertise female condom to gay men #HIV #AIDS

From the Bay Area Reporter:

San Francisco’s Department of Public Health is launching the nation’s first social marketing campaign aimed at educating gay and bisexual men how to use female condoms during anal sex.

It is a departure from the official stance of the federal Food and Drug Administration, which for nearly two decades has declined to promote the use of the female condom in such a manner.

The new campaign will launch on Valentine’s Day Monday, February 14. It coincides with the city’s official roll out of the newly redesigned female condoms, which have been dubbed FC2. Last year the manufacturer of female condoms, the Female Health Company, re-designed it utilizing thinner material made from synthetic nitrile (used for surgical gloves) and improved its design, subsequently increasing sensation.

The condoms are also cheaper and have already been officially introduced by other cities. But San Francisco is the first city to design a social marketing campaign for the FC2 that includes gay men.

“The female condom has been out since the 1990s and we have been offering the old one at City Clinic for some time now. Gay men ask for it more often than women do,” said Jacqueline McCright, the community-based STD services manager at DPH. “It protects against STDs and HIV when having anal sex.”

Usage of the condom, though, is not as widespread as it could be among gay men. Thus local health officials decided to create special posters aimed at educating men who have sex with men how to effectively use them. Scott Metzger, the same artist who drew the cartoons for the city’s Healthy Penis campaign, created the female condom illustrations.

More story at the link.  Trust me:  been there, done ‘em.  They’re really worth trying Smile

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