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UK News: The LGBT census

UK News:  The LGBT census

Sadly, you’ll never see this in the US.

Large public employers are being encouraged to find out how represented lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are in their organisations.  As part of the Equality Act, all public bodies will be required to publish information about the diversity of their staff from April but the government will not set diversity targets.

Instead, the public will be expected to hold bodies to account if they feel certain sections of society are not represented well enough.  Employers are likely to hold information about race and gender of staff, but not about more “sensitive” characteristics such as sexual orientation or trans status.

They will be given the freedom to collect the information as they see fit, with the expectation that the public will challenge bodies who are not addressing the issue.

The article goes further to state that, “ A government spokesman said public bodies would not be forced to question staff if they are gay or transgender. Instead they will be encouraged to asses how LGBT-friendly they are. According to Home Office guidance, such questions can result in a low response rate and public bodies should take care that publishing small numbers does not allow individuals to be identified.”

I’ll be watching this closely to see what the repercussions are for groups that are under-represented.

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