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School district bans HIV/AIDS group #HIV #AIDS

School district bans HIV/AIDS group #HIV #AIDS

Turns out they got a little cranky when the group included flavoured lubricant:

Parents of students at Monadnock High School said they were outraged after learning that safe sex kits distributed to their children contained not just condoms but flavored lubricant and candy, as well.

The kits were made available to students in December through a special World AIDS Day presentation by AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region. More than 70 students picked up the kits, school officials said.

The distribution of safe sex kits containing condoms was initially approved by school officials, but according to school board member Bruce Barlow, the approval came without the understanding of the exact contents.

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region has now been banned from the school district, and Barlow said new procedures have been put in place to ensure parents will be notified if controversial programs are taking place within the department’s schools.

The parents were outraged, I tell you!  Outraged!

And, in the interest of public service, I’ll help the parents out here.

Dear Parents:

Trust me, your kids are getting it on plenty.  And those of you that have teenage boys?  Well, if they’re not getting it on, then I have a flash for you.  All that extra time in the shower they spend isn’t so they can do a thorough cleaning job.  They’re spanking the monkey.

Do yourselves a favour:  stop deluding yourselves into thinking that a safe sex kit is corrupting the morals of your little bundles of joy.  A safe sex kit is going to help you from having that unexpected grandkid, or worse, finding yourself having a conversation with your kid on what an STD is.  Or why they have HIV before they’re even old enough to drink.

So, in closing, here’s my parting shot for you:  WAKE THE HELL UP!



(hit the link above for some video goodness of this atrocity perpetuated on their little darlings)

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