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Time to Beat Up Some Fags

Time to Beat Up Some Fags

I know, pretty provocative thing to read, right?  Imagine if you’re hearing that screamed at you while somebody is kicking your head in…

So far I haven’t been able to verify my feeling that since the president put the Matthew Shepard Act into law that there actually are more gay bashings taking place.  Or it’s just being reported more; I’m not entirely clear just yet.

One assailant committed not one, or two – but three gay-hate assaults in 2009 and was sentenced on all of them.  Want to know what he got for punishment?

Are you ready?

(wait for it…..)

Forty-five days behind bars.  That’s it.  From the Gay City News:

A 20-year-old man who participated in three 2009 assaults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, including one attack on a gay man originally charged as a hate crime, was sentenced to 45 days in jail and three years on probation.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” said Joseph Holladay, who was assaulted on East 85th Street by Driton Nicaj on June 27 last year. “It’s not justice. I didn’t expect him to go away for years… I certainly didn’t expect it to end up being 45 days.”

In a deal with the Manhattan district attorney, Nicaj pleaded guilty to the assaults and began his sentence on May 20. He was released on June 9, after accounting for time served and good behavior. Nicaj did not respond to a message left at his home seeking comment.

That’s called justice right there.

In a separate item, both Luis and Richard Vieira filed reports with the Staten Island Police that they were punched and beaten by multiple teenage assailants while eating at White Castle who shouted the word “fag” while everything took place:

From SILive.com:

As they sat down to eat, three members of the group came in, Vieira said. As he looked at them, one approached the table and said, “What the [expletive] are you looking at, fag?”

He responded, “What the [expletive] are you looking at?” and after the two stared at each other for few seconds, the youth walked off.

A few moments later, Vieira said, he felt a “bop in the back of the head.” He and his partner ran out, but retreated when they saw the youths swarming the parking lot.

Vieira was asking a restaurant employee to call 911 when he realized Richard Vieira was no longer at his side.

He found his partner outside, semiconscious and bleeding — he had been jumped and sucker-punched in the back of the head.

“I blotted him, brought him back to the White Castle,” Luis Vieira said. “I had blood all over me. My partner had blood all over him.”

Just in the short few months I’ve had this site running I have more than 20 separate articles filed on gay assaults.  I went live with this in March of this year.

I’m very curious to find statistics that reflect the gay related assaults nationwide since the Shepard Act went into place.  My intuition says the first six months aren’t very impressive.

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