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Canada Man to Face Attempted Murder Charges for not Disclosing his HIV Status

Canada Man to Face Attempted Murder Charges for not Disclosing his HIV Status

It’s a pity they can’t charge his “victims” with being so fucking stupid as to take him at his word when he said he was negative and then proceed to have unprotected sex with him.

I was pissed when I wrote about this one in May and nothing has changed.  From the Ottawa Citizen:

The four counts of attempted murder were laid against Steven Paul Boone in relation to four of his alleged victims. Boone has also been charged with four counts of administering a noxious substance — HIV — to the four men.

It now brings the total number of charges against Boone, who is still facing 14 charges of aggravated sexual assault as well as multiple counts of sexual assault and breach of probation, to 31. Boone also faces seven charges in Waterloo on similar accusations.

Ok, let’s see how many things wrong I can find in this situation:

*—Even though I don’t do it, if getting your freak on is via a website more power to ‘ya brother.  But if you’re so dumb as to believe the hottie you just met 20 minutes ago when he says “Yeah, baby – I just got tested.  It’s all good; now put your ankles right here….” then you’re asking for it.  Here’s a little rule that’s governed my life and my cock:  I assume everyone is positive until I actually go with them and get tested.  And even then I still reached for the condoms.  I am 46 years old, I have been sexually active since I was 13 and I’m still negative.

*—Hands down, Boone is a criminal for knowingly infecting others.  I’m no expert at Canadian law by any means, but attempted murder seems a bit of a stretch unless someone’s gotten a statement from him saying that was his intention.

*—Blasting his picture all over the media still is harsh in my opinion.  Is he a douche?  Absolutely.  Should he be charged?  Absolutely.  And now everyone in the Canadian penal system is going to see  him coming a mile off.  His actions are going to lead to a hard life as it is without painting a bullseye on his chest.

*–I also object to the stigma that’s now going to be associated with anyone who’s HIV positive.  Nobody in their right mind would actually step up and support Boone’s right to keep his status to himself – he recklessly endangered others.  But now, anybody else who is positive is also going to have to shoulder the burden of his stupidity.

*—If you’re negative and a barebacker, then that’s your choice.  I disagree with it, but I respect your right to choose.  Same thing with multiple partners, orgies, you name it.  Been there –done them all.  Don’t come back later and bitch that you converted if you’re not expecting the other guy to bag it up – or you’re not bagging up your own.

I know I come down hard on this, and I’m done preaching.  I also will not apologize for a single word I’ve said here.  You’re playing with your lives if you’re not playing safe.  A condom is a hell of alot cheaper than a regular prescription series of ARV’s.

Boone isn’t the only positive guy out there who’s ever done this, he’s just the one that got caught this time.  Is it really worth it??

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