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My Last Gay Prom Story. Ever.

My Last Gay Prom Story.  Ever.

I’ve debated, very openly, on the over-reporting of both Derrick Williams and Constance McMillen – both gay teens who wanted nothing more than to take their significant others to the prom.

All forms of media have jumped on the reporting bandwagon.  CNN and other major news sources have gotten their fair share of viewers on the subject and LGBT websites – mine included – have also reported on the trials and tribulations both these kids have gone through.

McMillen has met with opposition and alienation from her peers to the point where she’s stated publicly her health is being affected.  She also got rope-a-doped into going to a fake prom where there were only 7 other attendees, mostly special needs kids from the school.

Williams not only got tossed out of his own home by his parents due to the publicity, but one of his student peers, Amber Duskin staged a counter protest to “two boys being announced on the welcome carpet.”  Once Derrick got tossed out of his house, that should have been a red flashing light for everybody in the media to take a giant step backward and realize the overzealousness of pursuing this story was having an adverse impact.  Nobody backed off that I noticed.

Well, I am pleased to announce that Derrick and his partner Richard Goodman went to their prom.  They were not met with any protests, opposition or adversity and to read the reports it would appear that they both had a great time.

Isn’t it time we take the spotlight off these kids and let them get back to living a normal life?  They’re kids.

I don’t want to minimize the importance of what they’ve done.  They wanted to be treated like every other kid in their school, bring who was important to them to prom and they weren’t going to take “no” for an answer.  Nor should they.

Just the same, with every other problem the LGBT community faces these days, this subject has been run into the ground.  While I certainly applaud Constance McMillen for standing up for herself, I have to cringe when I see it widely reported that she’s on the Ellen show, making appearances in Los Angeles, and is now going to be grand marshall at the gay pride parade in NYC.  To that end, I really don’t feel too bad about the attention she is receiving from the LGBT news sources.  I could also make an solid argument that she is actively courting it, despite her statement that she “never wanted any of this to happen.  I just wanted to take my girlfriend to the prom.”  Her media junket is getting reported to death, and stories like HIV/AIDS educators in Africa being beaten and set on fire receive NO coverage at all from any major newsource or LGBT website.  While it was major news for more LGBT websites to report that Constance was going to be the grand marshall in an upcoming gay pride parade, a story on the upswing of LGBT violence and domestic abuse largely went unreported.  It shouldn’t be any secret to you which story I opted to report on.

Isn’t there a chance that our reporting priorities are just a bit off balance?  Chew on that one a while before you start beating me in the comments.

Just the same, Derrick and his partner made it to a quiet prom and I felt the need to report a nice happy ending.  Now maybe everyone will leave them alone so they can get back to leading a normal life.

For me, this is the last I’ll be reporting on the subject.  If I break that promise, you have my permission to come to my house and beat me to death with prom corsages.


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